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A collection of essays dealing with the history and archaeology of Northern Europe in the middle ages. It looks at Anglo-Saxon England, at its contacts with Francia and Scandinavia, and at the impact of the Norwegians and the Danes on the place-names of the British Isles. Two papers deal with the history of women as recorded in runestones, and as evidenced by law suits of the medieval period.


This Festschrift [has] unity in its variety: as well as the richness of the individual chapters, a pervading sense of excitement in the reinterpretation of old sources and the harnessing of new ones makes it enjoyable to read from cover to cover. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW


First Published: 01 Jan 1991
13 Digit ISBN: 9780851155470
Pages: 270
Size: 23.4 x 15.6
Binding: Hardback
Imprint: Boydell Press
BIC Class: HBLC1

Details updated on 16 Mar 2016


  • 1  The Franks and Sutton Hoo
  • 2  Baptismal places: 600-800
  • 3  In search of King Offa's `Law Code'
  • 4  Reconstructing a royal family: reflections on Alfred, from Asser, chapter 2
  • 5  Crime and punishment in the reign of King Aethelred the Unready
  • 6  Sources for pre-conquest York
  • 7  The ideal of men dying with their lord in the battle of Maldon: anachronism of Nouvelle Vague
  • 8  Of danes - and thanes - and domesday book
  • 9  A domesday postscript and the earliest surviving pipe roll
  • 10  Norse settlement in the Hebrides: what happened to the natives and what happened to the Norse immigrants?
  • 11  Jelling from Iron Age to Viking Age
  • 12  `Denemearc', `tanmarkar but' and `tanmaurk ala'
  • 13  Danes and wends: a study of the Danish attitude towards the wends
  • 14  On the early coinage of Lund
  • 15  The origin of the tuna-names reconsidered
  • 16  Iconography and rune stones: the example of Sparlosa
  • 17  Women as bridge-builders: the role of womer in Viking-age Scandinavia
  • 18  Women and justice in Norway c.1300-1600
  • 19  Ancient monuments act - exploitation - medieval archaeology - research: thoughts on manifest connections