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Guidelines for Prospective Authors

Before submitting a proposal, please be read these guidelines to be sure we publish in your subject area and therefore would be an appropriate publisher for your work.

Author Manuscript Guidelines

If your manuscript has been accepted for publication by the University of Rochester Press, the following guidelines will help you to prepare your materials for delivery.

Author Marketing Brief

The information on this form will be used to prepare jacket and catalogue copy, define specialist mailings and advertising, brief our sales force, and explore promotion possibilities. We have tried to keep it as brief as possible, but could you, please, make your answers as full as possible. NB: authors are asked to complete both UK/rest of world and US sections, unless otherwise indicated. This is essential if we are to promote your book properly.

Digital Art Guidelines

Digital Art Inventory Checklist

Editorial and Production Timeline for Authors

This timeline details our procedures for proposal evaluation, manuscript review, editorial board approval and the editing and production of your book.

Indexing Guidelines

You will be asked to create an index for your book. Although it is advisable to hire a professional indexer for this purpose, you may choose to create your own; if so, please read these guidelines carefully.

Manuscript Submissions with Images

If your book will include images, please read carefully and follow these guidelines to provide us with the highest quality images possible.

Manuscript Submissions with Music

If your book will include musical examples, please read carefully and follow these guidelines to provide us with the highest quality examples possible.

Scholarly Publishing Resources

A helpful list of suggested reading for first-time (and experienced) academic authors.

Author Permissions Request

If you plan to include copyrighted material (text, images, poetry, music, etc.) in your manuscript, you must formally request permission from the rights holder. To do so, you may use the request form below.

Author Permissions Request Form

Sample Permissions Letters

Copyright Resources

United States Copyright Office

An excellent resource for information on United States copyright law.

Association of American University Presses Copyright and Permissions Resources

Published by the Association of American University Presses including their own guidelines, and those of the University of Chicago Press (compiled with support from Carnegie Mellon University)